Catalina Island Company

Media Relations



– Promote a massive investment in the infrastructure of iconic destination off the coast of Los Angeles

– Garner recognition for Catalina Island Company as the driver behind the modernization of Catalina, while maintaining the island’s heritage

– Increase day trip and overnight visitors to the island, especially amongst Southern California natives who may have forgotten about or have an outdated perception of Catalina


– Develop cohesive branding and messaging to tie together all the offerings of SCICo, includubf destination activities, hotels and brand new day spa and beach club, repositioning the company as a respected, expert leader on the Catalina lifestyle

– Focused short-lead outreach in the regional Southern California market to start building buzz for the new projects, once legitimacy was re-established, launched a long lead campaign pitching national media

– Assisted client with communications tactics to regain the trust and support of locals on Catalina for various projects

– Identified key events to promote to the LA market to avoid oversaturation and build a sense of urgency for locals to rediscover Catalina

– Successfully launched the Island’s first ever luxury spa, with an aggressive line-up of media visits


– Achieved coverage in 70% of client’s top-tier outlets in first 14 months of campaign, resulting in an ROI of 10:1 and an advertising value of almost $2 million

– While client sales numbers are confidential, PR efforts contributed to a significant increase in both first time and repeat visitors to Catalina Island from “across the channel”

– Renewed and sustained media interest in the Island has supported efforts for Catalina Island Company to continue to invest in redevelopment


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